"Statistics are like bikinis. What they conceal is more important than what they reveal."


So you think you're a bit of a quiz whiz eh? Test your knowledge of the social and natural sciences with tough questions like:

"In which century was the French sociologist David Émile Durkheim born?"

Motion pictures
Are you a movie buff? Then you should know to answer to this question:

"How many different bosses does Peter Gibbons ('Office Space', 1999) have when he confides to Bob Porter that he just doesn't care anymore?"

Take our movie quiz now and find out how much of a cinema freak you really are!

Superheroes and supervillains
Do you know who Raven Darkhõlme is? And what Isotope E does? Have a go then at our superheroes quiz and answer questions like:

"What is the maximum speed at which Iron Man can fly?"

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